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I kind-of-sort-of love this rainbow striped chair from Dransfield & Ross. (I can hear you all now – “What’s that you say?  You’re CRAZY.”  Yeah – crazy for that chair .)  ANYWAY – I understand that it’s not for everyone, but I have a major crush.  Here’s how I’d use it (as 2 end chairs) in a dining room.

It would look pretty stinkin’ cool in an office or a living room too.  Just saying.

1.  Dining Table – Sweet Pea & Willow  2.  Louis Chair – Pottery Barn  3.  Constellation Chandelier – Horchow 4.  Tiffany Rug – Safavieh  5.  Pierrot la Lune Sideboard – Sweet Pea & Willow  6.  Ambrosia Curtains – Horchow  7.  Dreaming Mirror – Pier 1  8.  Faux Croc Jewelry Chest (used as silver chest here) – Neiman Marcus


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Since the Christmas tree lighting ceremony on the Boston Common is this week, it feels entirely appropriate to sneak in a holiday post before December 1st.  So, instead of (a) getting organized (b) getting a head start on Christmas presents (c) making my bed, I chose to scour Etsy for some Christmas goodies. I love the idea of giving personalized wine bottles as hostess gifts!  If I could just give Etsy Christmas treats as holiday gifts for everyone, I’d be all set.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

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Yes – I went there.

In honor of Monday’s festivities, how about throwing a splash of orange into your home?  Here’s how to get it right without feeling like you’re living a big old pumpkin.

Room by Jonathan Adler – LOVE.

Want it / need it / have to have it

From Olivia Palermo’s apartment . . . obviously.

What’s on for the weekend?  The Man is out of town (sad face) and so I’m left to my own devices.  Looks like I’ll be taking care of lots of odds and ends around the house and . . . well . . . relaxing.  Halloween is a fairly big deal here in Beacon Hill, so I’ve got to rest up.  Have fun if you’re heading to any parties! xx

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A few months ago I spied a carved wooden owl on OneKingsLane and without doing much research (read: any research), I decided it seemed tiny and adorable and would look amazing on the built-ins next to our living room fireplace.  I clicked buy, and forgot about it.  When it arrived I was slightly shocked at the size of the box that it came in (read: the box was literally enormous).  Long story short, our new winged friend was over a foot tall and didn’t even come close to fitting on our shelf.  So, we found him a new perch (zing!!) on top of some shelves on the other side of the room.

The Main Squeeze might have named him Hootie.  We may or may not be obsessed with him.

Given this new found obsession I had to contain myself when I came across these darling bookends this morning.

I am quite confident that these in fact would fit on our built-ins.  It seems a shame not to buy them . . . Hootie could be lonely for all we know.  Owl overkill?


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Do you ever feel like no matter what you do, Friday is just never going to arrive?  I spent most of this week, waiting, nay praying that the next day would be Friday.  Turns out if you wish hard and long enough, eventually the next day is in fact Friday.

Bring on the weekend!  We’ve got a jam packed couple of days planned and it looks like Mother Nature is planning on playing along – temps are supposed to be in the uppder 70’s to mid 80’s.  I don’t want to sound crazy, but one last romp at the beach is not out of the question.  Better remind the Main Squeeze to break the zinc oxide out of storage . . .

Moving right along: it’s time for another shameful confession (I’m up to my eyeballs in embarrassment over here).  Are you ready?  I’m kinda into Tori Spelling and her born-out-of-adultery-but-maybe-it’s-ok? manic life with Dean McDermott.  I happened to see a picture of her and her fam in their re-done family room the other day and I am digging those drapes.

There’s nothing like a bold drape to really make a room.  I’m loving the pops of color and the “look-at-me”-ness of the drapery in the images below (and coveting the rooms that they live in).

(Brief aside: can you even STAND this?  I am dying over this entire vignette.)

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Have you ever closed your eyes only to find that when you’ve opened them . . . it’s a completely different season?  The past few months have been a blur filled with visits from my family, trips to Nantucket, Red Sox games, shishkabobs and sails through the Elizabeth Islands and Marth’s Vineyard.  The Main Squeeze Spoils me, so.  (I’m not complaining.)

The summer months were so unbelievable that I somehow managed to miss the changing of the seasons altogether, and suddenly it’s fall.   And I have to tell you, quite honestly, I couldn’t be happier about it.

Unsurprisingly, as a little girl I loved summer more than anything – swimming in the pool, bbq’s and homemade ice cream (and of course no school) were where it was at.  As an adult fall is quickly becoming a front runner for my favorite season.  Having grown up in Connecticut and living in Boston now, it’s not hard to see why.  I love knowing that things are going to slow down a little bit and that our friends and family will be around more often (instead of packing up and heading off somewhere every weekend).  I’m also looking forward to . . .

–  Apple picking at Russell Orchards

– The smell of fires burning in neighborhood chimneys

– Pumpkins here, there and everywhere

– Cozy sweaters

– Apple cider

(and last . . . but not at all least)

– Fall decorating!

This might just be the year I convince the Main Squeeze to take me leaf peeping.  Such a creepy name for such a lovely event.  I hope you’re enjoying the chillier temperatures and the changing colors.

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I wish these weekends would stop rolling by so fast.  And what a bizarre one we had with the weather. (It’s a very strange feeling to be sweating like your life depended on it at 10:30PM at a Red Sox game.  Such a fun game, but I think we were all fairly pleased to spend most of the night inside at the EMC Club.)  Saturday brought additional soaring temperatures and a lovely night with friends and family.  We missed the Main Squeeze – he flew to Nantucket on Saturday afternoon for more racing on Sunday.  On Sunday afternoon my sister and brother-in-law had everyone over to grill and enjoy the cooler temperatures outside (relatively speaking).  I may or may not have ate my weight in bbq chicken and cole slaw.  Oops.  (Hold please while I go pack a gym bag.)

One of the remnants of our last move are the Main Squeeze’s placemats (they’ve been hanging out all over the house).  Incidentally, I can hear the Main Squeeze in my head as I’m typing this – “What’s wrong with my placemats?!”  And to that I say, “There’s nothing wrong with your placemats, M.S.!  They just don’t really go.”  Thus I’ve been on the hunt for a while now trying to find some that I like and that work in our combined living and dining space.  I’m not 100% on whether or not these are they – but they’re pretty lovely.  We all know I’m a sucker for ikat.  What do you think?

Ikat Fabric Placemat

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