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There are wreaths going up all around town and I love it.  By Christmas, almost our entire street will be lined with wreath-clad doors.  The trees in the common are all lit up.   The neighborhood Civic Association will be putting up garlands on the lamp posts this weekend in Beacon Hill, and then it will officially be Christmas time (and therefore appropriate to listen to Frank Sinatra’s version of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas on a loop in the office).  This weekend I’m looking forward to some quality Christmas tree shopping and spending time with my family.  My grandmother (formerly a Radio City Rockette – how rad is that????  She taught me, my sisters and our cousin how to do those signature high kicks when we were young, though I’ve never quite perfected the technique) is flying in tomorrow and we’re all very excited to see her.

And now for some peeping . . . Who else would have so many spectacular wreath specimens for you to feast your eyes on besides Martha (arbiter or all things tastefully done)?

Last but not least – I couldn’t resist this Alphabet Wreath from Ballard Designs.  Wreath worship.  Want it ASAP!

For more information on all of Martha’s wreaths (including some DIY projects) visit marthastewart.com.

Have a great weekend, lovelies!  See you Monday xx


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road map: thanksgiving

Quite a whirlwind week for us House on the Hill-ers.  The Man and I are finally back in Boston after being wined, dined and made to just plain relax in South Carolina.  The weather was lovely, the turkey divine, and the company truly irreplaceable.  We couldn’t have asked for a better holiday.

Now – back to reality!  The Christmas season is here and it feels so good.  Gearing up for lots of yuletide cheer in the coming weeks. Hope your holiday was sublime.  xx

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This morning’s trip to the hen house with my dad found lots of lovely ladies.  These girls seem pretty happy with their lot in life today . . .

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!  May your day be filled with lots of love and good food! xx

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back down south

You’ll have to forgive me . . . the past several days have been literally bananas – some good, some bad, some really bad, and some just okay.  But the point is, I haven’t had time to give you my full undivided attention and for that I’m ever so sorry.

Among other things, I flew down to South Carolina this past weekend to spend the holiday week with family.  It was 80 degrees here on Sunday, which is a just a wee bit different from Snow-tober up in Boston.  People are running around in shorts and flip flops and drinking iced coffees like it’s mid-July and not closing in on the holiday season.  Not that I’m complaining.

Today my mom is headed to the grocery store to pick up the remaining Thanksgiving “supplies”.  We are all eagerly awaiting the Man’s arrival tomorrow at midday.  After that it will be a bustle of activity, no doubt.  Have I mentioned that my parents are world class cooks?  Because they are. Thanksgiving day at my house is basically the equivalent of hitting a culinary jackpot.  Really I should be fasting right now to save room for what is about to go down on Thursday . . .

In honor of my current locale, and my Southern roots, how cute is this Virginia cottage from Southern Living?? Love the eclectic mix and all of the animal print rugs.  Also loving: the couch at the kitchen table, the well placed pops of color, and the overall casual elegance.

I hope you’re having a lovely week and enjoying your own traditions and family.  I’ll do my best to be around this week.  But you know how it is – turkey calls. 🙂

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The big payoff for last week.  Turns out pie, cupcakes and cider taste even better when you’re running low on sleep . . .

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one of those days

Having one of those days where I feel like curling up in a big, comfy, fluffy, cozy bed and whiling the hours away.  That blue blanket looks divine.

My roommate from college and my sister both always have the fluffiest beds.  I have yet to perfect the technique.   (In the mean time I will continue to add pillows to our bed and hope for the best.)

Stay warm (and dry) wherever you are.  Snow predicted for the Boston area tonight.  Of course.  The Man might have to pry my my lovely fall jacket out of my fingers.


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Something about the new Coldplay album (love) and the chillier weather (double love) is making me miss London something fierce.  I’ve got scones, Liberty fabric, and black taxi’s on the brain.

I’m currently thinking of my little flat just off the Kings Road in Chelsea, the red bus I took to Bond Street every day, shopping at Selfridge’s, eating curry on Brick Lane, and perusing the stalls at Camden Lock Market.  (And – of course – getting lost in the food hall at Harrods, but that’s a given.)

To hold me over until my next visit I’m oohing and ahhing over these lovely images of UK interiors by famed British interior design Kelly Hoppen.  (Her second claim to fame is being Sienna Miller’s step-mother, but either way you slice it she’s pretty outrageously stylish.)  I’ve been meaning to pick up her book – this post will serve as a reminder!

(Pausing to have a mini breakdown over these chairs.)

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