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The other week, I headed over to Do I Even Like This? for some daily blog readin’ and freaked my freak when I saw House on the Hill’s name listed as a recipient of a Versatile Blogger Award.  Not only was I tickled to get such an honor, but to have it come from one of my go-to blogs makes it twice as nice.  The award means I’m supposed to share 7 facts about myself.  So, without further ado:

1.  One word: Anglophile.  I lived in England on two separate occasions.  I wouldn’t say no if someone asked me to move back.

2.  Striped clothing.  ‘Nuff said.

3.  I love manicures.   (Right now, I’m into Lady Like by Essie.)

4.  I love getting hand written notes and try to send them as often as possible.

5.  I’ve moved on from martinis – my current cocktail of choice is Prosecco and St. Germain.

6.  I am a firm believer in naps.

7.  I’m a Pisces, which means I love the color blue and am prone to emotional outbursts.

The other nifty thing about this award is that I get to pass it along to 10 other blogs that I love to read.  Congrats to the lovely bloggers below who continue to crush it in the blogosphere.

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battle: fitted sheets

Perhaps slightly off topic, but are you ready to have your mind blown?  No . . . really.

I spent yesterday doing (what felt like 700) loads of laundry that included several sets of sheets.  That obviously means that  I had a showdown with each of the fitted sheets I came across.  (By showdown, I mean that I wrestled them into a messy clump, shoved them in the linen closet, and hoped for the best.)

But – Readers! – the era of the lumpy fake folded fitted sheet is over.  This lovely woman has literally changed my life.   (Incidentally, let’s hope that this isn’t “one of the biggest challenges” that we’ll face in our lives.)

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Welcome to another week!  How was the weekend?  I finally had a chance to breathe on Saturday and the Man and I took advantage by attending a lovely, lovely dinner party hosted by some of our friends.  Let me tell you . . .  you haven’t truly felt spoiled until you’ve eaten enough risotto to fill a bathtub, and capped it off with caramel apple pie, pumpkin cupcakes, and hot cider.  And lots and lots of wine.  Hopefully this week will be a bit calmer than last, but it’s gearing up to be another whirlwind.

Can you even believe that Thanksgiving is just around the corner?  I for one am currently preparing myself for the massive pie intake that is going to occur over the next two weeks.  I’m doing a Thanksgiving potluck this Thursday with friends before heading down south for the real deal next week.  It’s so wrong, but it feels so, so right . . .

I’ve been thinking about some creative ideas for table settings for my upcoming gatherings.  They’re such an easy way to make the holidays that much more festive.   I would very much like to have that orange and white striped runner below for my own – think it would like divine on our dining room table.  Do you do special holiday table settings?

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The big payoff for last week.  Turns out pie, cupcakes and cider taste even better when you’re running low on sleep . . .

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get your pumpkin on

Happy Halloween lovely readers!

It’s not too late to get a pumpkin out front.  I discovered “translucent pumpkins” on MarthaStewart.com a few years ago and have been obsessed with them ever since.

Martha (ever the teacher) provides step by step instructions on how to create these lookers.  I made one awhile back that said “BOO!” and it was frightfully easy.  🙂

Such a neat addition to the pumpkin carvin’ family.  Hope everyone has a lovely night filled with lots of candy and minimal scares (I’m an anti-horror-movie kinda gal).  Stay safe and warm! x

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do the ‘do

If you can put aside the fact that she is the world’s worst mother and monumentally crazy (we’ll leave the debate over whether she’s a tragic reflection of her circumstances for another day . . . ), you have to admit that Mad Men’s Betty Draper is pretty stinking stylish.  Her hair is done and her makeup immaculate 24 hours of every live-long day.

So what if she has a horrendous drinking problem, smokes while she’s pregnant and is borderline abusive to most people around her?  She looks so darn good doing it.  Okay – maybe that was a bit far.  The point is though, Betty has showcased some of the most outrageous updo’s I’ve ever seen.  This particular beauty appeared during a trip that Betty and Don took to Italy and, I mean, there really are no words . . .

Her hair literally appears to defy gravity, no?  But!  I did a little research and it turns out that this style is actually fairly easy to replicate.  Check out this tutorial, do a little practice, and you’ll be the talk of the town.   Just try to keep the crazy in check.

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loving long weekends

Happy Columbus day everyone!  Hope you’re enjoying the long weekend (if you get it!), and if not, hopefully you’re having a lovely Monday nonetheless.  See you tomorrow!

Quote: Henry Ford; Image Source


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